HELC  tutor Elementary students graded K-5 in the area of Reading, Writing and Math.  We tutor students with Specific Learning Disabilities one on one on their current IEP goals and objectives in the areas of Reading, Writing and Math only.


Sessions are one hour and the registration form must be completed prior to services.  A meeting will be scheduled with the parents prior to scheduling the session to review the IEP goals and objectives.


Our Cancellation Policy

Canceling within 12 hours of the appointment results in a $20 cancellation fee. "No show"; will pay the
total cost of the session. All sessions should be paid within 24 hours, or a $10 late fee may be applied.
We ask that you please reschedule or cancel at least 6 hours before the beginning of your appointment.
If you book two session for $125 this option sis nonrefundable.


Price List
Reading, Writing, Math Goals and Objectives one on one $65 an hour for one session, book two session
at a time session will be $125 for two. This will be non-refundable and have to be booked at the same


Students Responsibilities

*Come prepared to each session with a great attitude
*Ready to learn
 *No food or drink during the session
 *Respect everyone


Parents Responsibility
*Be on time dropping off and picking up
*Communicate any updates about the student and or from the school in regards to their education
*Pay invoices on time
*Review any math/reading work with students at home
*Respect everyone

Programs offered


Our private tutoring program offers students the best individualized instruction available.  We work one on one with students on their IEP Goals and Objectives.

HELC is ready to provide families with special education advocacy experience. We will review the documents to check for compliance and to ensure that they are written to comply with state and federal guidelines.



*Pricing available upon requested



HELC provides consultation assistance to ensure your child's IEP/ETR have every support that's needed. We will attend your child's ETR and IEP meeting as an advocate and team member  to ensure that your child is receiving the appropriate services.


*Pricing available upon requested

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Need financial assistance???


The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account program provides qualifying families with a $1,000 credit per child. These funds can be used to pay for a variety of educational activities designed to help accelerate learning for children impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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